Pacific West Vacation Rentals wanted to reimagine their brand identity.

Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Website UX/UI

The Challenge

Pacific West Vacation Rentals wanted to reimagine their name, brand identity, and website design. Their name was hindering growth as they wanted to eventually expand their platform to a nationwide reach, and their brand didn't have the supportive appeal they were looking for. We worked to help them dial in their goals, brand tone/identity, and name, and shifted focus to 2 primary demographics: the guest and the owner.

The Solution

With the update to the brand name, we were able to open the company up to a much wider demographic. Rather than PVR feeling regionally exclusive & unapproachable, Voyago is energetic, friendly, & supportive. We crafted a brand story that focused clearly on both the guest & owner journeys, as well as how Voyago supports each of them, consistent in the logo composition, brand identity, & website UX.

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