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Colton Barry

Branding & Digital Design

Colton Barry is a Creative Director fascinated by design, problem solving, and entrepreneurship. With almost a decade of experience, Colton has amassed a rich and diverse body of work. He’s helped create engaging web and branded content for organizations like Axon, Armalite, Biometrica, 4Front Ventures, and VirTra. Colton believes in the notion that great design goes deeper than creating beautiful logos and websites - it’s about developing empathy with the consumer and then translating that into creative work that delivers the communication objectives.

Steffan Stewart

Branding & Graphic Design

Steffan Stewart is an artist by nature, bringing his craft to Bridge as a Brand Strategist and Creative Director. Having taken on projects with notable clients including US Army, American Express, NASA, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Steffan brings high level strategy, skill, and understanding to the table. As a firm believer in branding as an experience, Steffan has made it his mission to make that experience amazing and timeless for everyone he works with. He runs projects with a strategic mindset, and always asks questions to ensure consistency and results through critical thinking and high-level decision-making.

We’re a passion-driven creative studio that pushes the boundaries of both online and offline visual communication.

Here are some problems we can help solve

"We have a website, but it definitely needs some work."
"We need to get our brand out there, but we don't know how."
"We know who we are, but our visuals don't match our identity."
"We have a great product, but we don't stand out from our competition."
"We have a cutting-edge new product, but it needs a logo yesterday."
"We are an industry-leader, but we look behind the times."

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