The Acre

Designing a bold and timeless brand for a creative/collaborative event center.

The Acre
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Print Design, Website UI

The Challenge

The Acre is a creative/collaborative event center being built in Gilbert, Arizona. The team approached us with a mission to build a unique brand that spoke to the design-centric interior the space would have, while maintaining an extreme level of minimalism. While this put us in a pretty tight box, we were up for the challenge.

The Solution

As the goal with the brand was to keep things extremely minimalistic, bold, and timeless, we started with a series of visual identity and logo concepts that embraced these elements. The final logo we landed on is a house/”A” monogram, acting as a representation of both the event center and the letter “A” for Acre. The “A” is nestled just under the roof as a direct representation of the essence of the space, which is the interior (what’s happening under the roof), while also acting as a subtle symbol of a barn door (as the space is within a barn). We’re super excited with how everything turned out - with this new brand and the supplementary interior design & myriad of cool events they’ll host, we can’t wait for The Acre to open their doors to the public!

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