A combination that creates a total body defense

Brand identity, packaging

The Challenge

We were tasked with working alongside the Atticsalt team to create a brand for SKOR that helped them to truly stand out. This included a logo, an icon set to be worked into the packaging of their expansive product line, product packaging, and a brand style guide.

The Solution

We started with the logo, and after multiple iterations landed on the final mark, which we deemed "The Keeper". As a brand with a more athletic undertone and with a target audience of athletic males, we considered defense in the case of sports - there is no position more protective than the goalkeeper (hence the name). The bars of the logo act as a symbol of the crossbars of a soccer goal, the boldness, or the font to evoke the concept of a strong, immovable defense. We built a strong, colorful icon set to embody the various products for packaging purposes, and tied it all into a clean, informative brand style guide. It's always a blast working with Atticsalt and this was an incredibly fun, collaborative experience.

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