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The Challenge

Our friends at TechMileage approached us with a goal to completely revitalize their company. Their name was confusing, their visual identity was nonexistent, their brand story and mission were very complex and difficult to articulate, and their dialogue was overall too drawn-out, lengthy, and off-putting. Our goal was to not only resolve these complications with a fresh new name, brand story, and visual identity, but to design and develop a new website with dialogue that was consistent with the new name and brand message.

The Solution

We started with the name; while Sciata is a literal moniker of the combined words “Data Science”, the team wanted to focus on their mindset of customization and flipping the script of science over data, placing the intellectual and practical/strategic side of their process at the forefront. Sciata was a perfect name to communicate this. This new visual identity embraces their “Listen, Collaborate, Prosper” initiative. “Listen” is symbolized by the subtle sound wave lines at the base of the logo; “Prosper” is symbolized by the Mountain Top/Upward Arrow at the top of the mark; “Collaborate” is represented by these 2 aspects working together to form a cohesive mark. The mark also has a hidden intent - the arc at the base is a symbol of the custom services Sciata does beneath the surface to reach this apex of success (much like an iceberg hiding the bulk of it’s body beneath the surface of the water) - the work and thought process that goes into helping them future-proof their business and reach said apex, symbolized by the upward arrow. Overall Sciata’s brand story is now aligned with their mission and easier to digest, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

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