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Pulse Ultrasound
Strategy, Brand Identity, Print Design

The Challenge

Pulse Ultrasound was looking to re-evaluate their identity and approached us to help them out. Being a team of remote ultrasound techs that turn around results within 24 hours is a huge differentiator, and their mission is to pioneer this as a new direction for the practice. With this in mind along with their adventurous nature and ambition, we set out to build a brand and visual identity system to allow the world get a pulse on what they’re doing.

The Solution

It was important to us that the new Pulse mark told a story. In the center of the mark is a pulse - a more obvious and direct symbol, with a subtle duality: the dots at each end represent markers of Pulse’s Explorer persona - taking the client on a journey from point A to B, and doing so in a way that isn’t typical, but trusted, efficient, and completed in a short period of time. The semicircles around the top are a direct call to the sound waves emitted by the ultrasound machine when scanning, but of a rising sun - the pulse, itself being the peak of a mountain, representative of Pulse taking their clients on a journey - seeing new horizons with Pulse.

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