Helping real estate agents through their journey with a smile

Rocket Lister / Armando Ramirez
Strategy, Brand Identity, Print Design, Website UX/UI

The Challenge

ListerMate approached us as a new concept without any form of branding or identity, but with a solid mission and direction. We were tasked with building a strong visual identity system along with concepts for the platform’s User Interface, prior to the build of the application itself. With good insight and perspective, we hit the ground running and got to work building this powerful and engaging platform.

The Solution

We kicked things off with the brand side of things. We wanted to focus on the friendly nature of ListerMate, as a trusted partner and friend in the real estate agent’s business. This in mind, the final mark we landed on is an ode to this perspective. It symbolizes the nature of ListerMate as a friendly, trusted partner to busy agents. While simple, it illustrates the underlying motive of helping agents market their properties to assist in saving time and money, while growing their business - marketing their property is the starting point (symbolized by the home icon) of this journey (the curve/smile), leading to upside (the upward arrow icon). The full mark is a nod to the friendly, trusted nature of Lister Mate, a smile that instills confidence. The cool color palette embodies the emotions of trust, confidence, friendliness, and intelligence, the green also being representative of the upside/potential financial gain in partnering with Lister Mate in helping grow business.

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