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Strategy, Brand Identity, Website UX/UI

The Challenge

When HighFliers approached us they were unsure of how to communicate their message best. They had a visual identity, but it didn’t fulfill the luxurious image they were looking for - their brand was in need of desperate help, especially as they were in the midst of building and launching their application. We stepped in and were tasked with establishing a brand identity and culture that communicated these ideas of success, excellence, and exclusivity.

The Solution

We started with the brand - after defining HighFliers with a more imaginative/pioneering personality, we dove into logo concepts. After a series of concepts and revisions, we landed on a final mark, which we call “The Pilot”. Every HighFliers member is a doer - they don’t just go with the flow, they are hungry, success-driven, and passionate; they challenge the norm and strive for greatness - they are pilots of their own lives, and wear their HF membership as a badge of honor. With this considered along with the luxurious nature of the brand, the final mark is a sleek HF monogram with wings - a symbol of success, strength, and appreciation of quality and earning your wings as a member of this awesome, exclusive club.

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