GCU Master Designer

"Design is an Adventure"

Strategy, Brand Identity, Visual System, Print Design, Digital Design

The Challenge

GCU's Design School approached us to build a brand for their new Master Designer program, which recognizes design students for milestones both in & outside the classroom. There's an end-of-year awards event, & students work to earn the title of "Master Designer" by graduation time. Our goal was to help students re-engage in a post-covid world–to give them something to work toward & more reason to socialize. Each year they would select a different GCU Design Program alumni to build that year's theme and brand, and we

The Solution

We landed on the theme "Design is an Adventure," as a representation of design students venturing out into a post-covid world - to leave the past behind & set their sights on the journey ahead. This characterized not only a fresh start, but the transition from college to the real world. The logo symbolizes this & the supporting brand elements used across a variety of media inspire students to be curious & daring. The brand story helps students aim for the title of "Master Designer," with achievement marks along the way for them to track successes as they got out, explored, socialized, & honed their craft. Part of the program included building achievement badges for different career/social/education milestones, which earn them points toward increasing their "Designer Level" (which we also built badges for). Points & Levels would be tracked via a GCU internal social platform.

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