A mission to unite, ignite, and inspire

Metalmark & 4 Front Advisors
Brand Identity, Packaging

The Challenge

4Front Advisors approached us with a super cool project - to brand their company's culture, which would translate to each and every one of their dispensaries. This included building out a logo and identity package as well as cool swag for their employees to be proud of. Antibition, simply put, is 4Front's culture in one word. A combination of the words 'Anti' and 'Prohibition', their mission is to inspire their employees and bring them together. Antibition is more than just a brand; it's a culture - a lifestyle for the team members of 4Front.

The Solution

Through thorough research, conceptualization, and multiple iterations we came up with the final mark and their mission in 3 words: Unite, Inspire, Ignite, which we connected to 4Front’s 3 Core Principles of Freedom, Service, and Responsibility - 4Front team members have the Freedom to Unite as one voice regardless of age, race, etc.; through Service, they Inspire those around them to join them in their cause; they have a Responsibility to Ignite the passion to bring forth change within the industry and their communities.

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