We had the delicious opportunity to work with Andy Patterson on the branding for his restaurant, Wrapology - a delivery-focused restaurant with the goal of being recognized for their ability to craft the perfect wrap. They pride themselves in their excellent delivery of delicious, healthy food, and while they definitely have the art of wrapping down pat, Andy felt that their existing logo and overall branding wasn’t helping in that recognition they sought.

The Ingredients

With the goal of creating a colorful, engaging experience for the brand, we planned out what would be needed to help in establishing that new identity:

  • A brand-new, full-color logo with single color alternates
  • Simplified menus, packaging, and marketing materials
  • Reusable patterns for websites, social media graphics, and wrapping paper

The Recipe

Rather than focusing on the delivery-only aspect of Wrapology, we focused on the fact that these wraps are absolutely delicious given how healthy they are. We chose vibrant, punchy colors to help accomplish this and to give the brand a playful, attention-grabbing style.

Wrapology embodies both the science of wrapping as well as the artistic nature of crafting wraps. There is a method to the madness of wrap-making, so to show this, we split the logo into two halves: a colorful, playful half and a precise, systemic one.

For the wrapping paper pattern, menus, and packaging, we wanted to further express the science behind the crafting of the perfect wrap. These patterns include witty messages and wordplay as well as light-hearted illustrations for customers to have some fun examining.

Let’s Wrap This Up

With exactly a pinch of motivation and a dash of creativity, we built a brand to help Wrapology become established in Phoenix as THE go-to restaurant for well-crafted, delivered wraps. Though we may not be wrapping experts ourselves, we learned that making a great, hand-crafted wrap might not be so different from crafting a recognizable brand. Either way, this was an extremely fun project for us. Working with Andy is always a pleasure, and we look forward to our continued relationship with him and his companies in the future.

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