U.S. Army

Shea Stewart, a member of the 82nd Airborne Unit of the United States Army, approached us with a request we couldn’t refuse: to build a badass mark for his unit deploying to Afghanistan. With the goal of having a mark that would strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, we set out on a mission in great design and country pride.

Mission Briefing

The team we worked with was very precise with their request, but they left the creative execution entirely to us. All they wanted was a logomark with a few specific parameters:

  • Inclusion of Baron Samedi within the design
  • Added airborne wings
  • Single color and full color versions

We've Got Intel

The overall goal was to have a strong mark that the troops could identify with and use to intimidate the enemy. Because of the unit’s common interest in Haitian lore, one of the main requirements for the mark was that it had to embody the likeness of Baron Samedi, the Haitian loa of the dead.

We went with a clean, but terrifying design for the face of Baron Samedi with a knife impaled through the roof of his mouth and skull. Since they’re an Airborne unit (82nd Division), we added powerful wings coming from the sides of his head. With red, white, and blue in the design to show some country pride, they were ready to deploy.

Ready to Deploy

It's always a pleasure working with our close friends at US Army and doing our part to support our troops. Shea was awesome to work with and we are beyond excited with the results of this project. We wish the best of luck to the 82nd Airborne Unit as well as the rest of our United Armed Forces.

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