CXT Software, a leading provider of courier software technology, was looking to completely re-design of one of their products, Rapidship - a web application for placing on-demand delivery orders. They had some ideas on the direction they wanted to go with, but they needed some help visualizing their goals. That's where we came in.

Pickup Instructions

The existing Rapidship website was built with Twitter bootstrap, and over time, had become unruly and cluttered with colors and form elements. In re-designing this site that is primarily used for customers to place and track orders, we wanted to:

  • Clean up and standardize form elements and user interactions
  • Design the site with a focus on being mobile friendly
  • Use brand colors sparingly as accents to highlight important information and actions
  • Create a new logo to go along with the site redesign

Your Order Has Been Placed

Using Google's Material Design as a starting point for many of the elements within Rapiship, we started working on simplifying the basic layout of the site. We used familiar web elements such as a fixed sidebar navigation and cards to breakup page content into meaningful chunks. We went with a simple underline style for the form input elements to appear similar to filling out a standard paper form. The brand color was used to accent primary action buttons as well as focused states on inputs and other elements while whites and varying greys were used pretty much everywhere else.

As for the new logo, we decided to move away from the truck design of the original and go for something less literal. We chose to go with a skewed "rs" design in the shape of a box to symbolize a package moving forward.

Delivering the Finished Product

The chiefs at CXT loved the concept we delivered and chose to drive forward with it as the face of their re-branded product. Hats off to their development team for the amazing work they did with implementing UI re-design; it really came out perfect. We’re happy that we were able to help in connecting the dots and bundling up this project with them. It was a blast to work on and a pleasure to work with the good folks at CXT Software. We hope to work with them more in the future.

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