Purpose Pops

Our longtime client and friend Andy Patterson approached us with a sweet project - to build out new packaging for his frozen smoothie popsicle company, Purpose Pops. Providing delicious all natural smoothie pops, their mission is to take the popsicle industry by storm through establishing a loud, disruptive brand - ultimately bringing to light that you don't need artificial additives to make a great dessert. They just needed a little help getting that point across through the packaging.

Getting The Ingredients

Because most all natural popsicle products tend to evoke a safe / all-natural undertone, we were tasked to challenge the process and help Purpose Pops become the outlier. This entailed that we:

  • Tell a story with the packaging - making the pops is a simple process, just natural ingredients into a blender and frozen
  • Make it simple but loud
  • Call out other brands with artificial / unhealthy ingredients
  • Provide 3 packaging options for the different flavors: Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Banana, and Vanilla.

Blending It Together

As we do with every project we take on, we started the process with a bit of research and some questions in mind: what is the industry missing, and how can we capitalize on it and be truly disruptive? The answer was simple: the industry leaders play it safe, and we needed to give Purpose Pops a voice. Telling a story through the packaging was our primary means of accomplishing this feat.

We wanted to illustrate the simplicity of these pops, and how anyone can make them using simple household ingredients: just toss the ingredients in a blender and freeze them. Using loud illustrations, we were able to tell this story from each side of the packaging, and we accented these loud graphics with equally noisy colors, allowing the boxes to pop on shelf (pun intended) and stand out against a sea of artificial sweets.

Packaging It Up

Purpose Pops will be hitting the shelves soon, and we are more than excited see it happen. This project was a blast and we would highly suggest keeping an eye on Purpose Pops as they revolutionize the pop industry, It is always a pleasure working with Andy. He always brings us awesome projects, and we look forward to what our continued relationship has in store.

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