Calling all entreprenerds! Ever want to creatively communicate with your fellow hustlers? Well, we worked with our friend JP Taxman and his company HustleMoji to allow you to do just that! From clever statements to all around cool designs, HustleMoji allows users to communicate shots of hustle through its digital sticker packages. While JP and his team had the idea ready to go, they needed help with the look of their brand and sticker designs, and that's where we jumped in.

The Ideas

With the goal of building attractive content for fellow entrepreneurs, we outlined what would be needed from our end to make HustleMoji stand out:

  • Branding, including a logo design for each package
  • 3 sticker packages with 50 stickers each
  • Business cards & stationery

The Hustle

Having been provided with the quotes and context we needed, we were given creative freedom with each and every design, which for us was a dream. We decided to vary things up and explore a myriad of different styles for each design, and found that it really brought the project together.

Because there are 3 digital sticker packages, JP had tasked us to design a logo for each package: a general entrepreneur package, a young entrepreneur package, and an entrepreneur parent package. After relentless conceptualizing and idea generating, we landed on an idea to break the fourth wall and have the entrepreneur peeling his own sticker as the icon, which carried over to the other logos as well.

The Stamp of Approval

With over 150 designs total, HustleMoji hit the Apple App Store with a bang and will be available for Android soon! Having full creative with a project is extremely rare, and we definitely capitalized on this opportunity. We had absolute blast working with JP and can't wait to see where HustleMoji goes from here. Feel free to check it out for yourself on the App Store on iOS.

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