CO+HOOTS is an anchor co-working space in Phoenix, AZ centered around the local entrepreneur community. When they were looking to expand for the third time in 3 years, we were contacted to craft their story into a video that the world could grab hold of.

Starting Up

With a short time frame, CO+HOOTS needed a team that really understood their culture to help them capture their personality on video. We had a few specific goals in mind to help us accomplish this:

  • Tell the story of the CO+HOOTS expansion
  • Show a compelling story to drive donations
  • Capture the experience of being a CO+HOOTS member

Co-working Stuff Out

How do you know if you're ready to expand? Well, one way is to take a leap of faith and kickstart your expansion, and that’s just what CO+HOOTS did. It was our job to tell the story of how they got to that point and the direction they were heading. We wanted to showcase that being a member at CO+HOOTS is a special experience - a lifestyle. Of course, some things are better seen than heard or read, so we spent weeks onsite to capture the stories of the members at work in their element in order to do so.

Because CO+HOOTS began as a kickstarter campaign, the goal was to tell an emotional story that made people want to invest in their vision. This wasn’t difficult, as CO+HOOTS is an amazing organization that truly cares for entrepreneurs. We just had to showcase this.

Getting Stuff Done

After all was said and done, the campaign was very successful and our storytelling helped CO+HOOTS pull in over $50,000 in just under 45 days. CO+HOOTS is very close to our hearts, and we continue to work with them on a monthly basis to cover topics such as member benefits, member stories, and event photos. The future for CO+HOOTS is bright, and we look forward to helping them with their next expansion, CO+HOOTS Mesa!

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