When Katie and Joe Casey got fed-up with replacing their phone screens, they took matters into their own hands and created bkeeni - a two piece top and bottom iPhone case that protects your phone from expensive drops. Before becoming an Amazon Top Seller, bkeeni needed us to help them provide an engaging series of stories for their brand.

Scratching the Surface

With their goal of establishing themselves as a major player in the Amazon Phone Case Marketplace, we needed to plan out what would be necessary give them a fresh face in that space:

  • Capture the story of how Bkeeni Came about.
  • Show customer use cases through visual stories
  • ‍Leave the audience knowing that bkeeni is a strong case

Shattering Expectations

Katie had a meeting with Amazon coming up just a few weeks after the shoot, and it was our job to capture an effective story of how bkeeni came about through film and photography in time for that appointment.

Having shadowed the team over the course of those few weeks, we were able to capture the story of bkeeni behind the scenes, as well as the strength of their product. We even had the team run some drop tests for us, which allowed us to truly demonstrate the bkeeni durability. We found that at the end of every drop, the phone emerged from its plummet unscathed.

Through the time we spent with the team capturing their stories and demoing these test drops, we were able to effectively communicate that bkeeni is the slimmest and strongest phone case around.

Case Closed

We have had the privilege of creating all of their videos and taking a good number of their promotional photos for the past 2 years. Working with them is always a treat, and Katie and Joe really understand the different personas they serve. Getting to tell their different stories gave us a lot of insight into the different hats (or rather, bikinis) each of those personas wear. Through and through, bkeeni is an amazing company, and we look forward to our continued work together for years to come.

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