Organic Vines

From our farm to your table in just a few days, we grow only USDA certified organic produce using the highest standards of food safety.  We build and operate our own state of the art proprietary greenhouses and supply some the largest Rocky Mountain retailers with only the healthiest and most delicious fruits and vegetables we can grow!


Organic Vines wanted to bring a modern touch to their dated brand, while evoking the organic appeal that their produce embodies. When building the visual identity and brand, this was where we placed our primary focus.


The final mark is illustrative in style to embrace this hand-crafted tone. The mark creates a subtle “O” and “V” in the tomato and the vine, itself. The sprouting leaf is a nod to the concept of nature/ naturally grown, more specifically being a symbol for life and growth. We also utilized a color palette that is inclusive of the Colorado colors, along with fresh greens for natural appeal. The Organic Vines team loved the direction and we couldn’t be happier, ourselves!


Organic Vines