Visual Storytelling


Dianne reached out to us because Complex magazine asked her if she had a video showing her process for an upcoming segment on her for the Complex Magazine internet series “Good Looking Out” and she needed help to put something together that fit the Complex aesthetic.


Camera in hand and full of excitement we went to Dianne's studio and captured footage of her breaking down and creating a new shoe. Once we got all the footage we cut it together into a super trailer for Dianne, showcasing her as the undeniable ultimate creator.


The video was not only used in the segment for the show but it also serves as a snapshot in time for Dianne. Complex also used a lot of our behind the scenes footage for the episode which aired November 2018. Dianne was so excited with the video we follow her all over including to Complex Con just recently and soon we will be following her journey to China as she goes to design for international clothing companies.


Dianne Halloway