Strategy, Brand Identity, Print Design

Chillin Treats

Chillin Treats provides a unique experience in ordering custom late-night food indulgences. Some of their specials include freshly baked custom desserts such as "Quatro Cookie Supreme" and made to order sandwiches such as "Ayyy Tony Pesto" delivered exceptionally fast.


Our good friends at Chillin Treats came to me for help rebranding & repositioning their company to reach a larger target market.

The problem was their previous name has a distasteful connotations which hindered their brand from expanding.


To solve this problem I start by immersing myself in their brand marketspace and analyzing the information gathered to find a clear design strategy moving forward. Next, we collaboratively go through a discovery session where we defined their vision, mission, and goals. Then together we identified their customer profiles and created their brand attributes (culture, users, voice, feeling, impact). This process helped us create a game plan and identity that appeals to a wider audience. This strategy and identity are used to inform every business decision which helps create a consistent brand experience for their customers.


Chillin Treats