Print Design


Axon is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company which develops technology and weapons products for law enforcement and civilians. Its flagship product and former namesake is Taser, a line of electroshock weapons.


Our friends at Axon wanted to partner with someone who understood their culture and brand enough to add a new design perspective to their strict brand guidelines. They invited us down to tour their HQ location here in Scottsdale, AZ to truly get a sense of their culture, the end goal being to produce a variety of print design pieces and digital ads.


The Axon creative team was able to provide us their brand guidelines and messaging, and from there we went to the drawing board. Their HQ and products were very future-driven, though their existing visual identity didn't speak to that. We felt a strong 'Futuristic' tone from what we had experienced on our tour, and wanted to drive that tone through the design. Using technical illustrations, heavy blacks, and subtle pops of yellow, we were able to produce on-brand marketing materials that evoked this futuristic tone, while staying consistent with their brand guidelines.