Brand Identity, Website Design


Armalite has one mission: to manufacture, assemble, and promote high-quality small arms and associated products that distinguish themselves in performance and reliability within the law enforcement, military, and civilian markets. Having been in the firearms manufacturing business for 63 years, they surely have their place in the market, but they felt it was time for an update.


Armalite wanted to bring their brand into the 21st century in order to gain a younger following while also keeping a remnant of their existing branding so as to not lose the trust of their existing customers. To help them with this, we wanted to:

- Refresh the Armalite logo to be more modern and sleek

- Redesign the Armalite website to be mobile responsive, user friendly, and on-brand.


With some clear goals in sight, we went to work updating the Armalite logo first to use as a basis for the design of the updated branding and website. While keeping the original color scheme and holding onto the brand lion symbol, we changed the Armalite text itself to a sleek, sans-serif font to give the logo a more modern feel. We also removed the crosshairs and opted for a newer take on the rifle scope by using the middle "A" in Armalite as the weapon sight. As for the website, went big and bold. With clear, vibrant call-to-actions and large product images, the new Armalite website is loud and in your face while also being sleek, modern, and simple to navigate. Product pages were redesigned to give users as much info about the items as quick as possible and also have a clear path to purchase. With all of these changes, we were sure that Armalite would be able to reach their goals.


Stoke Interactive