ALT 36

Visual Storytelling


When we started working with ALT36 they were in the process of raising capital. While raising capital the ALT36 team knew they were gonna be traveling all around the country visiting conferences and investors and they knew they needed to have the proper collateral to get people excited about what they were working on.


We sat down together and came up with the idea of making an overarching video that showcased the full suite of software in a sleek and attractive way. This video was used primarily at conferences during stage presentations and also at the booth on repeat. We also created multiple individual videos that showcased the process of using specific features. Once the videos were finished the ALT36 team had a stronger brand direction and also asked us to rebuild their pitch deck.


The videos and the pitch deck worked hand in hand in helping investors and potential customers understand the product better. The ALT36 team not only get more signups for their software from our collateral but it also helped tremendously in raising 5 million dollars capital in early 2018.


Ken Ramirez -

"You guys do kick ass work! The pitch deck you put together helped us close our round and we use the videos everywhere from conferences to news segments!"